Look before you leap – top things to check before you say ‘yes’

Sally Todd, careers adviser here at the CS, shares the top things you should check before you accept a job or opportunity

Here at the Careers Service, we review each vacancy we publish to avoid scam jobs, but we can’t visit every workplace. Most graduates move to jobs they love, but we do hear from a few who find themselves in an environment that simply isn’t right for them. Making applications and attending interviews use valuable time.  Before you even apply, ensure you…

Ask yourself whether the benefits sound too good to be true.

Why is an employer offering a salary far above the market rate for that sector or that location?  Are they having difficulty attracting or retaining staff?

Read reviews for the organisation on Glassdoor.

Be suspicious where some reviews are amazing and some are terrible.  Some employers encourage new recruits to submit glowing reviews.  They may tell you that previous employees who have moved to a competitor are the ones posting bad reviews.

Can you speak to a Cambridge student or graduate who has done an internship or graduate role there?

Look at the vacation experience feedback or contact GradLinks – especially those who have left.  Ask about staff turnover and company culture – will it suit you?

It’s tempting to accept the first offer you get, but don’t panic, Cambridge grads are very employable…

Read the contract before you cancel other interviews or make plans to relocate.

Be aware that many landlords want you to commit to a 6 or 12-month rental. Avoid anything too expensive until you are confident you will be staying at the job.

If you need any other advice, don’t forget that the Careers Service is here to help. Tap into our website at www.careers.cam.ac.uk to make the most of us 

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