5 reasons to attend virtual careers fairs to complement your in-person networking with employers

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Our graduate employers are adopting a hybrid approach to their planned recruitment activities this year and while we are all excited to be back in-person, Sara Jones, Employer Engagement Coordinator, talks through the key benefits of continuing to attend our virtual careers fairs

With the start of autumn term fast approaching, you may be starting to think about what lies ahead for the new academic year. The Careers Service has an exciting array of employer engagement planned in the form of virtual and in-person events to help you at any point of your career journey. It’s been great to see employers return to face-to-face networking both on and off campus but how do you decide whether to meet an employer virtually or in-person or both? 

Here are just some of the benefits of online fairs and how they can complement physical fairs too:

You can connect with multiple employers quickly without missing any detail

Like our in-person fairs, our virtual fairs allow you to browse the employers attending in advance. The key difference is that you can attend a 30-minute employer presentation, enabling you to learn more about a particular organisation ahead of an in-person event. 

You can book a 1:1 session to get key insights in a quiet, private space

You can book a 10 minute 1:1 session and network via video, voice, or text-based chat, whatever method you feel most comfortable. This can offer valuable insight relevant to your career aspirations in a quiet space. Perhaps you could use this time to really understand the company culture and values, or you may want to learn more about a specific part of the recruitment process etc.

Virtual fairs complement in-person networking

Virtual and in-person careers fairs covering the same sector won’t be running on the same day. This means that you can either use the virtual fair as prep for an in-person event or if it is running after the in-person fair you can use the 1:1 sessions to carry on the conversation with an employer. It’s worth being aware that not all employers have booked to attend both virtual and in-person careers fairs so do familiarise yourself with the employers in advance so as not to miss out!

You can attend from the comfort of home

Virtual fairs take place entirely online and can be accessed from your mobile device. This means that for those based slightly further afield some of the logistical concerns about getting to and from the event are removed and you can focus your energy on making a great impression with potential future employers. 

Interested in working remotely?

Virtual fairs allow employers to connect directly with Cambridge University regardless of location. A shifting job market may include interesting roles that allow you to work remotely with opportunities outside of the geographic areas you would have to physically commute to. 

When deciding which events to attend in your busy schedule, perhaps think about using your own hybrid method of networking to harness the complementary benefits of both and in the way you feel most comfortable.  

The Careers Service runs a diverse selection of fairs, events and skills sessions year-round, timed around the major sector recruitment cycles. Tap into our Events page on Handshake to find our full programme. We look forward to welcoming you back! 



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