World Mental Health Day 2023

WMHD 2023

It’s World Mental Health Day today and it’s time to talk about mental health.  And because this is a Careers Service blog – it’s also time to talk about mental health and the working world! 

Michaelmas Term, for some career areas, is a time of deadlines and interviews for summer internships and graduate roles.  If you are currently experiencing difficulties with anxiety about your future career or struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed by the job search and you haven’t talked to the Careers Service make today the day you turn to us – either our resources or an appointment with a Careers Consultant (these are released on a rolling basis two days ahead so don’t worry if you can’t see availability, more will be coming soon).   

You don’t have to know what career you want to use the Careers Service.  We often have conversations with students who have mental health difficulties. We can help you to structure your thinking about your career in smaller steps so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming or talk to you about adjustments that could help you in the recruitment process. 

Our Self Reflection Toolkit helps you identify your strengths and skills and build your confidence in what you have to offer an employer. If you get stuck you can always talk it through with someone at the Careers Service.    

For many career areas Lent Term or later would be the time to make applications. It might well be that Michaelmas Term isn’t the time to be making applications anyway and just knowing that can take the pressure off.   

Help each other

Many people do notice when people around them are struggling with their mental health but they don’t know what to say and so end up saying nothing.   

If you notice a friend withdrawing and looking worried when people are having conversations about the jobs they’ve applied to, the interviews they’re having or the offers they’ve received maybe check in with them later about how they’re feeling about it all. It might be nothing but if they are struggling with careers direct them to the Careers Service.    

See our other resources on Mental Health and the Workplace: 

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